Trade is not a "welfare operation" nor a zero-sum game.

Trade is not a "welfare operation" nor a zero-sum game. With regard to economic protectionism, I take it for granted that economically less-developed countries should protect their infant industries and the people who work in these industries through industrial policies.

Free trade was, and is still, beneficial to any economy of the world. The principle of free trade, which was championed by two Agro-Saxon economies, was always forced on less-developed economies.

If the globalization of economy is hurting the "rust belt" region in the US, and the gap between the rich and the poor in the country is widening, some feasible industrial policies and social programs should be adopted in the country. Crony capitalism is not the answer.


Donald Trump doesn't understand the difference between foreign direct investment and trade.

Trump is stupid. He doesn't understand the difference between foreign direct investment and trade. Japanese car manufacturers are employing a lot of American workers in the US. Many of the "Japanese" cars are made in the US. Speaking of trade, Japan does not have any arbitrary procedures that work against US car makers when they sell vehicles in Japan.

His slogan "America First" does not work. His "protectionism" does not protect workers nor consumers in the US. This slogan is based on his ignorance and unfairness.


About protectionism

The US should join the Commonwealth of Nations. Or, is the U.K. going to become the 51st state of the "Divided" States of America? Both options are not impossible. Are we going to see the collapse of "globalism" imposed by the two Anglo-Saxon empires in history on economically-less-"developed" countries of the world?

I wonder how the ex-empires can become "great" again without the benefits attributable to the process of globalization of economy that they championed.

I am not against "moderate protectionism" of any country for the purpose of protecting their infant industries and the workers who belong to them, although this means the sacrifice of the rights of consumers in the country.

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"Right-wing political correctness"

Political correctness can take the form of "right-wing political correctness". I think that Trump and the people around him demand this. He is too thin-skinned to accept critical comments on his inconsistent "policies" and probable conflicts of interest. He may become the most irresponsible and corrupt president in the history of the US.


Who are "conservatives"? Who are "liberals"?

Many people in the US think that the antonym of "conservative" is "liberal". I think that this dichotomy is strange.

I think that if "conservative" means trying to preserve or protect something, its antonym should mean "changing" something. On the other hand, what is the antonym of "liberal"? If it means freedom of something, its antonym should mean "restriction" or "ban" of something.

Conservative are liberals, and liberals are conservatives.

Environmental protection, gun control, ...
I think that people who call themselves "conservative" in the US tend to want more climate "change" and looser "restrictions" on selling guns. I don't think they are entitled to be called "conservatives".


The truth does not necessarily lie in the middle of two opposed arguments.

"An example of the argument to moderation would be to regard two opposed arguments—one person saying that slavery is always wrong, while another believes it to be legitimate—and conclude that the truth must therefore lie somewhere in between."(Wikipedia)

As the above excerpt from a Wikipedia article shows, the truth does not necessarily lie in the middle of two opposed arguments: "climate change is real" and "climate change is a hoax." I assume that you don't have to be a climate scientist in order to understand that climate change is not a hoax, unless you happen to agree that "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."


Is climate change a Chinese hoax?

"About 90 percent of CFCs currently in the atmosphere were emitted by industrialized countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States and Europe. These countries banned CFCs by 1996, and the amount of chlorine in the atmosphere is falling now. But scientists estimate it will take another 50 years for chlorine levels to return to their natural levels."
Ozone Depletion Information, Ozone Depletion Facts, Ozone Layer, Ozone Hole - National Geographic

Although the above article is not about "climate" change but about ozone depletion, the cause of the trouble can be described in the same way. If we did not heed the warnings of the climate scientists, we could irreversibly damage our environment that supports our existence on this planet. Anyone with a modicum of common sense does not think that climate change is a Chinese hoax. Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the United(or Divided) State could be serious threats to human beings.

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."(Donald Trump)


Do we need casinos in Japan?

Do we need casinos in Japan to "revitalize" the Japanese economy? Would you want to visit Shinzo Abe's casinos instead of Donald Trump's if you were to come to Japan? Have you met people addicted to gambling in casinos? I only know of people who are addicted to studying foreign languages.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Nippon Ishin no Kai, among other parties, are reportedly going to legalize casinos in Japan. I wonder who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. According to a recent survey conducted by Yomiuri Shinbun, 57% of respondents are opposed to lifting a ban on casinos while 34% support it.

"Fifty-seven percent of respondents opposed lifting a ban on casinos while 34 percent supported it, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey conducted from Friday through Sunday. The Liberal Democratic Party, Nippon Ishin no Kai and other parties are seeking the enactment of a bill during the current Diet session to lift the ban on casinos."
The Japan News

"Legalisation of casinos, which newspaper polls suggest is not supported by a majority of Japanese, has been a pet project of Mr Abe since he became prime minister four years ago. "Japan passes bill to lift ban on casinos
Financial Times


Right-wing political correctnes

Right-wing political correctness

"Political correctness" is a label typically used for left-wing terms and actions, but not for equivalent attempts to mold language and behavior on the right. However, the term "right-wing political correctness" is sometimes applied by commentators drawing parallels: in 1995, one author used the term "conservative correctness" arguing, in relation to higher education, that "critics of political correctness show a curious blindness when it comes to examples of conservative correctness. Most often, the case is entirely ignored or censorship of the Left is justified as a positive virtue. ... A balanced perspective was lost, and everyone missed the fact that people on all sides were sometimes censored."--Wikipeda

If "political correctness" is related to some sort of censorship, it would be observed everywhere. "Inclusive, bias-free language" would not be the only type of what you call political correctness. If one party is in power, people who do not support the party are likely to be in danger of censorship and oppression. Similarly, if you are a henpecked husband, your language could be monitored and censored by your mighty wife. If you do not want to quarrel with your wife, you should try to use politically correct expressions.


They are simply rude, vulgar words.

If a lot of people use discriminative or vulgar words intentionally or unintentionally to protest against overcorrection of language and "political correctness", I will be too shocked to say a word. On the other hand, the idea of inclusive, bias-free language is understandable to a certain extent.

I think that the rude words Trump supporters use---bitch, bimbo, blonde, whore, and so on---are not only excluded from the list of 'preferred words'; they are also missing from the list of 'problematic/outdated words'. They are simply rude, vulgar words. They have nothing to do with the matter of political correctness or overcorrection.
Donald #Trump supporters attack Megyn Kelly over #GOPdebate feud