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February 23, 2010

Body language

I checked the expression "body language" in a dictionary and found that it is an uncountable noun. Before I consulted a dictionary, I had been thinking that there are several body languages as there are a lot of spoken and written languages. What I wanted to say in the last post of this thread is that it is difficult to master different body languages in different cultures. What do you think of the expression "different body languages?" Is it uncommon?

They say there are seven universal emotions: joy, anger, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, and contempt. I suppose that a good actor should be able to express mixed ones of these emotions or conceal these emotions.

If it is true that some human expressions are almost involuntary and are hard to control by the actor, people who have mastered controlling their emotions can manage their impressions freely by performing involuntary expressions voluntarily. Although it is not a deplorable thing that some "actors" do not need eye lotion to shed tears instantly, it is very sad that a lot of people are forced to be smiling anytime at work.


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