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September 30, 2010

Body language

"Miliband showed himself to be a true child of the television age. Unlike Blair and Brown, who only ever addressed the audience in the conference hall during their speeches, Miliband repeatedly looked into the camera. This was a trick Clegg and Cameron used to their advantage during the leaders' debates."
"Body language: Move to leadership is in the eyes by Peter Collett" guardian.co.uk http://bit.ly/b7Q20a

I don't know if the "television age" is good for democracy, but if you want to be a politician, you should have some talent in acting.


September 18, 2010

I am now following 247 people and am followed by 60 people.

On Twitter site, I am now following 247 people and am followed by 60 people. I think that Twitter enabled me to widen my perspective. Without Twitter I could not follow so many people. Some of the Twitter sites belong to the news media, and after reading the short messages of no more than 140 characters, I can access long blogs written by the journalists easily. I am afraid that I have too much interest in the situations of the U.S and U.K., but I am very pleased to be able to read tweets of so many people.


September 17, 2010

Discussing the situations of American economy and society is not "slamming" the country.

What I am worrying about is parochial nationalism or what is called "religious" intolerance in the economic crisis and hardships that have been influencing the world.

I was born in Japan, and it is a special country for me, but I don’t think this applies to other people who are not related to the country. If I am asked whether I love Japan, I cannot respond with a definite answer. Although I don’t like some features of Japanese society, I love most of the people around me.

Speaking of the U.S, it is a special country not only for American people but also all the people around the world because of the position of the country in the world or the influence of the county on the other countries. The influence can be seen from several viewpoints, for example, a political, military, economic, or cultural point of view. When I am talking about the U.S., I feel it is a special country for us all. I am interested in the political, economic, and social situations of the U.S.

I don't intend to blame anyone for being "patriotic" in the meaning of the word described in the article "Notes on Nationalism" by George Orwell.


September 13, 2010

Is there someone who is living in a gated community?

"Some gated communities, usually called guard-gated communities, are staffed by private security guards and are often home to high-value properties, and/or are set up as retirement villages. Some gated communities are secure enough to resemble fortresses and are intended as such." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gated_community http://bit.ly/ajNudq

1) Do you think that the number of such communities is going to increase?
2) Do you think that living in such a community costs you too much money?

"To enter some gated communities, the person must be a registered resident with photo ID, or the person must have a friend in the gated community who gives specific permission (via phone or internet) to the security guards at the gate. To this effect 'My friend Joe Smith will visit me in the next hour or so, his drivers license number is XXXXXX, so let him in.'"

There are no gated communities in Japan, but I suppose that a lot of expensive condominiums have such a system.

Do you associate gated communities in the U.S. with Carcassonne, a fortified French town?

"The original playground for America's elderly" By Kevin Connolly, BBC News, Sun City http://bbc.in/bhK4qW

Who do you think was the most violent and cruel in Home Alone? Some people think that American people don't like their children.

1) Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister
2) Devin Ratray as Buzz McCallister
3) Joe Pesci as Harry Lyme
4) Daniel Stern as Marv Merchants

"subculture theory: A theory that people who share similar interests, problems, and concerns will form a subculture; the aged are believed to have a positive affinity for each other." http://j.mp/dATDdz

A long time ago I noticed the existence of a city called Sun City in the U.S. If I remember correctly, the name was in a paragraph about "subculture" of the elderly. There is a field called social gerontology, in which I used to have interest.


September 10, 2010

The pastor of a Florida church

BBC News - Petraeus: Koran burning plan will endanger US troops
"The top US commander in Afghanistan has warned that troops' lives will be in danger if an American church sticks to its plan to burn copies of the Koran."

BBC News - How pastor was convinced to put 'on hold' Koran burning
"The pastor of a small US church who planned to burn copies of the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11 has said his plan is now on hold. Terry Jones said he was calling off the event after the group behind a planned Islamic centre near Ground Zero in New York agreed to relocate it. But the cultural centre's organisers said they had no plans to move it."

Why does the pastor have a gun on his desk in the church?

I agree with this. RT @QuakerQuotes: Let us focus on the adopting the opposite attitudes and emotions of those that attacked us on Sep 11 2001

I am not a Christian but support "Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest"( FCNL http://bit.ly/cdtaDv ).

My letter to you on this special day... "If the 'Mosque' Isn't Built, This Is No Longer America" http://mmflint.me/bXOjpB


September 04, 2010

Give a dog a bad name and hang him.

"The principle is that a person's plight is hopeless once his reputation has been blackened. Similar to 'he that has an ill name is half hanged'." http://bit.ly/9xiIvj

I wonder in what context you use this proverb? Doesn't this proverb mean that we should try to use less stereotyped or prejudiced words when we talk about people, or does it only refer to the hopeless plight caused by a bad reputation?

MMFlint said, "The patriots were those who opposed this war. Those who supported it have their own conscience to deal with. God forgive us." http://twitter.com/MMFlint

Daniel Bell considered himself a "liberal in politics, a socialist in economics and a conservative in culture.” http://to.pbs.org/ckIH7t


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