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June 30, 2016

Who is Peter Hitchens?

"Sure, the EU is playing tough and stand-offish now (but that, I guess, is just to try to scare us) . Unless its leadership is a good deal more stupid than I think it is, it will soon be seeking a compromise which will keep us in."
No, we have not escaped from the EU - and we may not ever do so.

This comment by Peter Hitchens is very strange and irresponsible because he says he has wanted Britain to leave the EU.
I also wonder what sort of group "RIGHT MINDS" bloggers is? Does "RIGHT MINNDS" mean " (ir)responsible" or "right-wing"?


Brexit is great news for the rest of the EU

"For decades British governments have played a double game: getting all the benefits of EU membership while opting out of its burdens, in the meantime undermining and even blackmailing the club from within. All of this is now over."
"If they are ever to become functioning and legitimate democratic entities, the EU and the eurozone must reform dramatically. In some cases this means the return of certain powers at regional or national level – all too often “European cooperation” has become homogenisation and needless centralisation. In other cases we may decide to invest more powers at European level if this strengthens its democratic nature and increases our power versus the corporate lobby."
"These days global banks and other multinationals operate on a European level while politics still take place on a national level. The consequence is that big corporations can play off one European country against the other in a regulatory race to the bottom, demanding ever lower if not downright homeopathic tax rates."
Brexit is great news for the rest of the EU

This article gives us perspectives that go beyond nationalism and xenophobia. The writer, whose name is Joris Luyendijk, thinks that Brexit is great news for the rest of the EU. You don't have to be pessimistic.

I talked with a friend from Australia, who is my English teacher, about Joris Luyendijk's proposals(decentralization at regional and national level and control of TNCs on a European level). He commented that this is easier said than done.


June 28, 2016

The UK might have opened Pandora's box toward its decline.

English would not decline, but the UK might have opened Pandora's box toward its decline by the Brexit referendum. According to an article by a Japanese scholar, it will have to depend on economic relations with China, which is interested in its relationships with Germany as well as its relationships with the UK. I am not sure about this.

London and Frankfurt. I have been to London several times, but have never been to Frankfurt. I don't know if I have a chance to go to Germany before I grow too old to go abroad.

"Frankfurt is a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and traffic. It is the most important financial centre of the European continent, with the HQs of the European Central Bank, German Federal Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DZ Bank, KfW, several fintech startups and other institutes."--Wikipedia


Brexit and the English language

Countries that used to belong to the British Empire, on which the sun never set, tend to use the English language as their official language. Even in Japan, which was defeated by the US a little more than seventy years ago, some people think that English should be designated as the "second official" language. Do most French people speak German more fluently than they speak English? Do most German people speak French more fluently than they speak English? I imagine that English might be treated as the de facto offical language in the EU. (My guess is that both English with a strong German accent and English with a strong French accent will be used when there are no highly-competent interpreters around them at their meetings. With no native speakers of English around them, people might be happy and content with their English with their strong accent.)


June 27, 2016

The dog caught the car, but it has no idea how to steer the wheel ...

"Their policies could actually increase immigration. And they have no idea how to control the fear they rode to victory."
"I’ve often wondered what it would be like if, here in the US, a border hawk Republican like former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer or Ted Cruz or Donald Trump were actually elected president (or even appointed head of the Department of Homeland Security). Having persuaded their followers that the US/Mexico border was lawless, they’d suddenly have to persuade them it had been made safe. Otherwise, they’d be yet more failed politicians who couldn’t keep their promises and America safe."
Pro-Brexit politicians are the dog that caught the car. Now immigration is their problem

The dog caught the car, but it has no idea how to steer the wheel, not to speak of where to go. Is this the writer of this article intends to say?
I wonder what would happen if the dog instead caught a horse-drawn carriage that is not as fast as the car? Would it want to draw the carriage? Or, would it want to sit on the box?


June 26, 2016

Populist agitation

"Of course, it’s not just about immigration. A wonderful alliance, which I have long hoped for, has been forged in this campaign."
"We have had only half a revolution. If we do not now complete it, we will have missed an unequalled opportunity to reclaim what is and always was ours."

I notice populist agitation in Peter Hitchens' comment.
I did not know that immigration was the most important issue for those who wished to exit from the EU. Did they also want a great, great wall somewhere between their villages and London?


June 24, 2016


"This is because parliament is sovereign and referendums are generally not binding in the UK."

This is interesting. They know the problem with populism.
In addition, I imagine that some of them don't have definite "unqualified" answers to the question.
Emmanuel Todd, who thinks the EU is already dead, might aggree with the exit, but I don't know if it is good or bad for British people and peoples in Europe because I don't know much about the situation.


June 17, 2016

Sanders made a great speech.

Sanders made a great speech. It was a very inspiring one.
Bernie Sanders - National Live Stream Address


June 16, 2016

Are all politicians "liars"?

No matter how you may hate all politicians, they know that your life course is influenced not only by your choices but also by their political decisions. Sometimes you have to support less "wicked", less dangerous ones. We are all "liars". All the men and women are merely players. I suspect that people who completely reject "politics" are, in reality, yearning for their leader with charisma or "almighty" dictator.


June 10, 2016

"The scorpion must sting the frog because that is its nature. "

"Trump, then, poses an Aesopian challenge to Ryan; the scorpion must sting the frog because that is its nature. The only way to avoid the sting is not to ally yourself with the scorpion in the first place."The Washington Post

The problem is that Ryan and Trump are on the same weird boat. The only thing Ryan can do is leave the boat as soon as possible. By the way, I don't know why self-clamed conservatives in the U.S. tend to propose market fundamentalism. In my opinion, conservatism of any sort and market fundamentalism contradict each other. On the other hand, Trump's slogan "America First" is nonsense because big companies, or rather, trans-national corporations are controlling the world economy. In this context, I don't disagree with "moderate protectionism".


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