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August 09, 2016

Right-wing political correctnes

Right-wing political correctness

"Political correctness" is a label typically used for left-wing terms and actions, but not for equivalent attempts to mold language and behavior on the right. However, the term "right-wing political correctness" is sometimes applied by commentators drawing parallels: in 1995, one author used the term "conservative correctness" arguing, in relation to higher education, that "critics of political correctness show a curious blindness when it comes to examples of conservative correctness. Most often, the case is entirely ignored or censorship of the Left is justified as a positive virtue. ... A balanced perspective was lost, and everyone missed the fact that people on all sides were sometimes censored."--Wikipeda

If "political correctness" is related to some sort of censorship, it would be observed everywhere. "Inclusive, bias-free language" would not be the only type of what you call political correctness. If one party is in power, people who do not support the party are likely to be in danger of censorship and oppression. Similarly, if you are a henpecked husband, your language could be monitored and censored by your mighty wife. If you do not want to quarrel with your wife, you should try to use politically correct expressions.


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